Not what you expected from an opening line of an about section?

I could tell you where I grew up, the name of my cat and how I like to relax on a Friday evening, but let’s be real here; none of that matters.

None of that shows you the real me, and it’s the real me I want you to know… 

The raw, vulnerable, wounded inner me that spent so long trying to buy her way to happiness.

Who believed as a professional mom of 3, if she could just keep showing up in the right makeup, the best clothes, perfect manicures and professionally styled hair, she might just be able to kid herself, as well as everyone else, that she really does have it all.

But it was all a lie.

A lie I kept buying into, as each swipe of my credit card attempted to fill an internal void with designer everything.

As I approached my 40th birthday something snapped. I looked back over my life so far, reliving the journey from a dysfunctional home, abusive relationships and substance abuse to the proud and savvy businesswoman, mother and independent homeowner that greeted me in the mirror today.

I’d come so far, achieved so much, but still so much was missing. I began to realise it wasn’t something that could be bought in a store, that all this time, my desire to acquire so much “stuff” I thought was the key to fulfillment was really covering up an unrealized sense of self worth.

And that’s when I realised – it didn’t matter how successful I appeared, if my security came from external sources, it was only ever going to be a waiting game before the thin ice I was skating on shattered and I sank back down into dependency.

If I wanted any kind of longevity to my money, it HAD to come with inner security, with inner freedom and a sense of self so strong that the money itself becomes almost irrelevant.

As I embarked on the journey to discover that I am the direct source of my own security, power and freedom, I found that true financial wealth and financial empowerment comes from your own self worth. Authentic, long term, financial success is created by healing from within; from understanding how to stand in YOUR truth and create a conscious plan for your money that’s held up by the foundations of self love, self trust and self belief. 

Success without inner fulfillment can only take you so far and last so long.