3 Months To Liberate Yourself From Money Fears

Anxiety rises every time you think about your bank account.

You resist checking your credit card balance out of fear you’ll cause more stress.

You feel a tightness creep in each month when the bills are due and even though to the outside world, you’re the picture of wealth, behind the scenes you couldn’t feel less wealthy.

What if I was to tell you that the feelings you have towards money are largely
what creates your experience of it, and that by creating a relationship based in trust and
unconditional support with your finances, you can learn to love your debt,
enjoy spending and open yourself up to continuous money flow?

There was a time when I was crippled with debt and I blamed money for all my problems in life. I believed the only way out of my fear, unhappiness and insecurity was to eliminate my debt completely.

But I’ll let you into a secret, this changed nothing.

I had cleared my balances, but I was still fearful of money, I didn’t trust it and I was operating a relationship of control and restriction with every cent that came in and went out.

I was not free

I wasn’t fulfilled and I wasn’t allowing money to support me in the way it can and will when you finally make the decision to allow it.

All of my decisions around money were made from a place of scarcity, fear and  limitation.

I had an extremely fixed view of what was available to me within my set budget, and anything outside of that didn’t register on my radar, regardless of how much it had the potential to help me achieve my real goal…empowerment, freedom and REAL wealth. 

So what changed 

I realised that for me to create different results, I had to make different decisions.

I had to really look at the beliefs that drove those decisions and ask myself if they really supported me.

What would change in my life if I started to allow trust, faith and a mindset of endless abundance to drive me instead?

As I began to experiment with this, it became so clear to me that in order to see something in your reality, you first need to allow it energetically.

You need to embody the belief that YOU are the creator of your life, including your financial reality

You start to see that money is a resource that is constantly there for you, without question, without condition, without limitation, the moment you let it be. 

You realise that money loves to support you in a variety of different ways, and constantly creates new opportunities to gravitate towards you.

You accept that debt isn’t a bad thing at all, just another form of financial support that allows you to reach for the experiences that help your Soul grow.

You begin to care less about how much things cost and more about will this bring me closer to the person I want to be, and the life

I want to live?

In Fearless Money Mastery, it is my intention to guide you over 3 months as you discover what YOU need to be financially empowered.

You will be supported to uncover your true feelings and beliefs towards money and understand how they are impacting and re-creating your experience with it.

With my guidance and the accountability and comradery of your group you will create a new, liberating relationship with money in order to transform how it shows up for you in life and start living in the way you desire NOW. 

Over the 3 month experience you will:

Learn to love your debt

Begin to live the life you desire without guilt, shame or fear

〇 Start to heal your relationship with money 

〇 Witness how this can spill into other areas of your life and experience improved relationships with partners, children, friends and, most importantly, yourSELF

〇 Start to create new opportunities for money to flow towards you

Trust your instincts and personal intuition 

〇 Learn to make decisions from a place of trust 

〇 Begin your journey to true financial empowerment 

Let the decision to join me for this intimate journey be

the first in a long line made from excitement, positive anticipation and intention.

The true power of your results come from the place in

which you take that first action step.

You will receive

12x weekly intimate group coaching calls 

Unlimited email coaching support 

Private Facebook community for peer support 

There is more to freedom than meets the eye.

There are so many ways to experience abundance, if only you begin to allow. 

It is my honour to support you on your journey to Fearless Money Mastery!