Attention Women Who Want to Live a Financially Empowered Life
The Financial Empowerment Toolkit
How to get control of your money and increase your money flow
Financial Empowerment Toolkit  
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In this toolkit you will discover: 

  • The powerful tools to quickly get control of your money 
  • How to set up and boost your money managing routine
  • Simple ways to lower your expenses and make extra money
  • Proven systems for achieving all your money goals 
Jessica Marie
Jessica Marie has experienced much adversity during her lifetime and has overcome many difficult challenges. She considers herself a work in progress, but also, part of the solution. Jessica is a twice divorced mother of 3, survivor of domestic violence, and a recovering alcoholic.

When facing trauma, she picked herself up and moved forward. Lessons were learned, and a few years ago when she found herself deep in debt, she discovered the answer to financial empowerment and developed a program to help others in the same situation. 

Today Jessica is an author, entrepreneur, and financial empowerment coach whose passion is to inspire women with the message that they too, can thrive during tough times and to never give up! 

($997 value)
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